The Estimators mic

A unique skanking experience!

The Estimators are a splendidly vibrant traditional Jamaican ska band hailing out of London, England!
These true jamaican ska music roots warriors get nothing less than 'total music respect' with their full respect showing to the music first and foremost. With fabulous grooves, sensational horn section displays and whole overall band brilliances they captivated me completely with their entire Ska music spectrum and I was absolutely skankin' in my ear music modules throughout, 'pick it up' 'pick it up', yeah man!
They just really love the music and when you check them out live wait till they get you all into their definition fully and then watch their music roofs! They objective is the audience always in having a rocking good time and all should appreciate that class definiton. On that note, if you love ska well, look no further and checkout these 'true music rudeboys' out, giving you the "Real music goods", love this bands whole music vibe! (Forkster's Daily Band Review)

"We love to play pure unadulterated traditional Jamaican Ska.
We are not happy until we get everyone around skanking and jumping,
then we really get going: we just love it and you will love it!"